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Rahimaniah Titis Dewanti

I joined the ILIN research team in May 2017, where I previously worked at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the field of technology transfer.  I gained my master degree in International Business and Intercultural Management from Heilbronn University of Applied Science, where I developed gaps analysis model in my master thesis in the field of Change Management and Intercultural Management for a global automotive corporation. The gaps analysis model was developed in order to identify company’s potential bottlenecks and to minimize the gaps from different business and intercultural perspectives that constantly occur in a cross-border Change Management process.
During my bachelor study of Business Administration at Hannover University of Applied Science, I gained work experiences in marketing and project management in several industries, such as automotive, consumer goods, car insurance, advertising agency and communal economic development. Hence, the range of work that I’ve done has contributed to my high interest in strategic management, especially when it involves innovation and change management in an intercultural work setting.